RTW-Fast Woche 1 – RTW-Fast Week 1

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Meine Einleitung zur RTW-Fast findet ihr hier.

Damit ich die RTW-Fast richtig starten kann, mache ich gleich zu Beginn einen SWAP. Da ich diesen bei Artisan’s Square einreichen möchte, befolge ich deren Regeln:
– drei Sets die aus je drei Kleidungsstücken bestehen (Unterteil und zwei Oberteile; Unterteil, Oberteil, Jacke oder Unterteil, Oberteil, Kleid)- 2 Wildcards – das kann alles sein.
Ein Kleidungsstück darf gekauft sein, eines schon vor dem Beginn fertig genäht sein und eines vor dem offiziellen Start genäht.

Mein Plan ist es, eher elegante Herbst-/Wintermode zu nähen. Und zwar dachte ich mir, ich mache das Thema „Tag und Nacht“ und mache folgendes:

– Ein Vormittagsset mit Jeans (gekauft!), Bluse, Blazer.- Ein Nachmittagsset mit Rock, Bluse, Kleid.
– Ein Set für abends mit Rock, Bluse, Jacke.
– Wildcard 1: mein Spitzentrenchcoat, schon genäht.
– Wildcard 2: ein Kleid.

Das Vormittagsset soll wie folgt aussehen:
Eine schwarze Röhrenjeans, eine weiße Bluse und ein Blazer im Salz und Pfeffer-Muster oder eine Bikerjacke.

Das Nachmittagsoutfit wird so:
Ein Bleifstiftrock mit einer sandfarbenen Bluse und einem dunkelblauen Kleid.

Und schließlich das Abendoutfit:
Ein selbstgezeichneter Rock (Bleistift), aus schwarzer Spitze, eine Bluse und eine Chaneljacke in schwarz/weißem Karo.

Alles in allem sieht es so aus (ohne die Jeans, die ist gekauft):


(draufklicken macht es größer).

Wenn es Euch interessiert, zeige ich Euch nächste Woche gerne meine Stoffe! Vorher muss ich aber noch ein paar andere Projekte abschließen!



Please find my introduction to the RTW-Fast here.

To start my RTW-Fast right, I decided to make a SWAP. As I am participating in the Artisan’s Square annual SWAP contest, I am following their rules.

These are:
– make three „3-packs“ containing either 2tops + 1 bottom or 1 top + 1 bottom + 1 outer layer or 1 dress + 1 top + 1 bottom
– 2 wildcards (these can be anything)

One garment may be purchased, one may be sewn before the announcing of the rules and one may be sewn between the announcing of the rules and the official start.

I decided to sew a rather elegant fall/winter wardrobe. My theme ist „day and night“ and I’m sewing the following garments:

– Morning: a pair of jeans(bought but of course way before my fast) , a shirt and a blazer
– Afternoon: a pencil skirt, a blouse and a dress
– Evening: a pencil skirt, a bluse and a jacket.– Wildcards: a dress and my lace trenchcoat (already sewn).

The Morning pack will look like this:
a pair of black skinny jeans, a white shirt and a blazer in black and white (salt and pepper) or a biker jacket (colours like pattern picture).

The Afternoon pack will contain:
A pencil skirt (in nude/grey), a blouse in sand and a dress in navy blue

Last but not least the evening pack:
A self drafted pencil skirt in black lace, a blouse (colour unsure) and a Chanel Jacket in a black and white plaid.

All in all it looks like this:

SWAP2014(click to enlarge)

If you are interested, I can show you my fabric next week. But before I can start sewing, I have to finish of some old projects!

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8 Antworten zu RTW-Fast Woche 1 – RTW-Fast Week 1

  1. laurahoj schreibt:

    I would love to see the fabrics you plan to use! These are excellent ideas. I am still trying to figure out what I need in my wardrobe (which currently consists of 3 dresses, 1 pair of jeans, and 3 shirts). I basically need everything except dresses! I don’t even own a coat. Your post is helping me to formulate a plan, and I thank you for that.

  2. kleiderschmiede schreibt:

    If you don’t have a wardrobe yet I would suggest to start sewing outfits: one bottom, 2 tops and 1 jacket/coat. That way you won’t sew just bottoms or just tops and you can build your wardrobe pretty fast. I personally think a lady can never have too many dresses, but when I look in my dresser it tells a different story ;).

    • laurahoj schreibt:

      Thanks for the tip. I will start with outfits like you have suggested. I need to come up with a plan because I am going fabric shopping in Los Angeles later this month. I want to be sure to buy fabric that I need and will use right away.

      I definitely don’t think a lady can have too many dresses, either. However, being a mom to 4 children (ages 4-13), dresses don’t fit my everyday life. I usually only wear them on Sundays. I have to be practical and build my everyday wardrobe before I sew more dresses!

  3. kleiderschmiede schreibt:

    Of course! Here winters are (normally) really cold so wearing dresses is not practicable at all. So I do not have many winter dresses. One just has to look what fits her lifestyle, then make a plan and sew according to it. Let me know if you need any help! Making a plan before going fabric shopping is a great idea! I, however, will shop from my fabric, as it is nearly a fabric shop on its own :D.

    • laurahoj schreibt:

      This is the first year that I have a budget for fabric, so I don’t have a stash from which to shop. I’m excited to shop for a change! I would love help. I have never found things in stores that fit, so I don’t really even know what looks good on me. I do love button down blouses very much. I also like wearing a cardigan or jacket with my outfits. I usually just wear jeans, but that is because finding pants long enough for my legs is near impossible.

      • kleiderschmiede schreibt:

        I know what you are talking about! I am 6′ 3″ and it almost impossible to find pants that are long enough. I could provide you with an online store that is for tall ladies (I don’t know if you have something like this in the US, but I rather wait until the fast ist over! Having a fabric shopping budget is great. I have already sewn most of my clothes for years, as all the sleeves (even the extraextraextra long ones) are too short. As I have some clothing companies in my area, that are selling their fabric that is left over twice a year for a bargain, I shop there and have built up my stash.
        I would personally recommend, that you start with simple basics. A blouse (like Vogue 8689 – the instructions are GREAT and so it is mangable for everyone, even a beginner),some pants that are rather fitted (I like the simplicity „Amazing Fit“ series) and a simple cardigan or blazer (if you have a large bust I would look for a pattern that provides different pieces for different cup sizes, like the Vogue „Custom fit“ or the Simplicity „Amazing Fit“ series).
        Fabric wise I would choose cotton or a wool blend (depending on where you live), something that doesn’t get wrinkled to fast and is easy to sew. If you don’t have a fancy sewing machine I would stay away from knits first (I do have a simple machine and sewing knits is a NIGHTMARE).

      • laurahoj schreibt:

        I live in Las Vegas, so it is warm here most of the time. It gets cool in the winter, but not too cold. I am not a beginner, I’ve been sewing for over 30 years, but have not mastered fitting. Pants will be especially difficult for me to fit. I’ve been working on it and have some good fitting books. I have many jacket patterns already, so I will look through them. The Vogue blouse looks nice. I might give that one a try. I also have McCall 6035 that I want to make.

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